Married With Baggage: 
Thriving in Remarriage (or Partnerships) With Children   

I'm appearing on The Today Show on April 5, 2013 at 10:00 AM (check your local listings) with Kathy Lee, Hoda and fellow expert Gary Neuman for a brief segment about the realities of stepfamily life.
Mary T. Kelly, M.A.
Mary Kelly-Williams, M.A., Therapist in Boulder, CO
Mary is a psychotherapist practicing in Boulder, Colorado.  Mary has been working with stepcouples and stepfamilies for over a decade.

Mary is a contributing writer for Huffington Post 

Mary is also a contributing writer for Stepmom Magazine and Wednesday Martin’s blog, “Stepmonster”. Martin wrote the ground breaking and go-to book on the realities of stepfamilies, “Stepmonster”. 

You might be remarried, are considering remarriage, or are in a partnership or dating relationship. You could be divorced with children, with someone who has children, or you both have children. Maybe you're just considering dating someone with kids. Whatever the situation, this website is for you.

Many in remarriage or re-partnership with children find themselves 
  • "I had no idea it would be this hard!"
  • "Am I really supposed to love his/her children?"
  • "What does being a step-parent mean? 
  • "Do I really parent a child who isn't mine?"
  • "Why am I being treated like the spawn of Satan?"
  • "I feel torn between my children and my spouse."
  • "How do we figure out finances?"
  • "How much contact do we have to have with the exes?"
  • "I've lost all sense of privacy. What do I do?"
  • "Just because I don’t have kids, doesn’t mean I don’t have a valid opinion.”
  • "My marriage has been swallowed up by these kids and ex-spouses. Help!"
The resources on this website are designed to offer all of you who are navigating your way through the maze of combining families while creating a fulfilling and solid marriage hope and help along the often times chaotic way.

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